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Karfagen picture
Karfagen biography
Founded in Ukraine in 1997

KARFAGEN (meaning Carthago) is a symbol of glory and wisdom, a never-ending journey into the world of the forgotten past and unpredictable future.

KARFAGEN is the brainchild of multi-talented musician and composer, Antony Kalugin. The name was first used in 1997, when Antony formed a band at school. While he was studying at the architectural university a year later, he began to record the first Karfagen compositions in one of the local studios, and a few tracks from this period can be found on the `Key to Perception' compilation from 2009.

In 2005 Antony Kalugin with his assembled musicians went into the studio to record `Continium', the first Karfagen album, which led the band to sign with Unicorn Digital (Canada) the following year. It was highly acclaimed by listeners, which inspired Antony to continue his work and release a second album `The Space Between Us' in early 2007. Later that year he signed with Caerllysi Music (UK).

In order to expand the boundaries of the musical landscape, Antony often collaborated with many different unique musicians. Therefore, in 2011 on the `Lost Symphony' album, Roberto Diaz (Cuba) from ANIMA MUNDI took part as an additional guitarist; in 2013 on `Aleatorica', Tomek Mucha provided electric violin and Sergey Klevenskiy added clarinet, whistles and flutes. In 2014 Mathieu Spaeter appeared as a main guitarist on `Magicians Theatre' as well as Pascal Gutman playing some stick-bass on the `Yuletide' track.

Karfagen is mainly an instrumental band that shows imaginative use of keyboards and guitars, classical and ethnic instruments. Their style can be described as symphonic art-rock with a hint of new-age, folk, jazz-rock and neo-prog in places. Their influences are CAMEL, FOCUS, HAPPY THE MAN, GREENSLADE, THE FLOWER KINGS, UK and KAYAK.

Also inspired by the composers Nikolai Rimsky-Korsakov, Sergei Prokofiev, Edward Grig and Pyotr Chaikovskiy, Antony's compositions are always well-constructed and thoughtful. The sound is enhanced by such instruments as oboe, bassoon, accordion, violin, cello, flutes, saxophone and pipes.

In addition to imaginative music, every Karfagen album cover is picturesque and charismatic in the tradition of the classic progressive rock era.

Antony doesn't stand still. On one hand, the sound of Karfagen is unique and recognisable, but on the other hand, with each consec...
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3.78 | 90 ratings
3.19 | 84 ratings
The Space Between Us
3.96 | 134 ratings
Solitary Sandpiper Journey
3.92 | 283 ratings
Lost Symphony
3.88 | 140 ratings
3.86 | 137 ratings
Magician's Theater
3.88 | 162 ratings
4.02 | 133 ratings
4.00 | 184 ratings
Messages from Afar: First Contact
4.09 | 324 ratings
Echoes from Within Dragon Island
3.94 | 249 ratings
Birds of Passage
4.01 | 108 ratings
Principles and Theory of Spektra
4.04 | 127 ratings
Land of Green and Gold
3.67 | 3 ratings
4.25 | 4 ratings
Passage to the Forest of Mysterious

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4.78 | 23 ratings
Breaking Free Tour Live by AKP (Karfagen / Sunchild)

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3.96 | 65 ratings
The Key to Perception
4.75 | 16 ratings
The Sandpipers Symphony

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4.58 | 12 ratings
Seven Gates
4.73 | 11 ratings
The Day Is Done
4.55 | 11 ratings
4.63 | 8 ratings
4.78 | 9 ratings
4.50 | 10 ratings
Land of Green (Bonus Disk)
5.00 | 1 ratings
Birds of Passage and the Enchanted Forest


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 Land of Green and Gold by KARFAGEN album cover Studio Album, 2022
4.04 | 127 ratings

Land of Green and Gold
Karfagen Symphonic Prog

Review by sepia_blob

5 stars Land of Green and Gold is the latest (13th) release by the Ukrainian band Karfagen. The music here is very positive and optimistic so this album is a real pleasure to listen to. This record is divided into three chapters, each chapter consists of tracks binded thematically. Each track flows naturally (the cohesion is just next-level, very tight performances) and at the same time has its own distinct flavour. Some fantastic passages are present throughout this album, we get truly virtuoso playing by these musicians and jazzy improvisation moments are even more prominent here (especially in Chapter 3: Land of Jazz) in comparison to their previous works. My favourite compositions are: Land of Green (Part 2), Garden of Hope (Part 1) and Land of Jazz, though each track is great in its own special way.

4,5 stars rounded up. One of the strongest works of Karfagen to date. For me it's up there with the Echoes from Within Dragon Island. Highly recommended to symphonic prog and rock fans and those in search of something melodic and adventurous.

 Land of Green and Gold by KARFAGEN album cover Studio Album, 2022
4.04 | 127 ratings

Land of Green and Gold
Karfagen Symphonic Prog

Review by WJA-K

4 stars I love the feel of this album. This is a type of music that is right up my alley.

Karfagan produced an album that is mostly instrumental. Focusing on what you can do best is a choice I can respect. Often laid back, sometimes really jazzy. This album brings many great listening experiences. The instrumentation is top-notch, and the music is welcoming and engaging. I understand that people link this to Focus. The guitar sometimes has that same vibe. And of course, the flute part is.

Rating always is a struggle. Because I wish to give this album the praise for being what it is and rate it with the maximum score. Also because I believe it deserves to be higher on the list than other albums is see there. But I'm not going to grant this 5 stars. Because that is reserved for - what consider - absolute classics only. Regardless of when it was created.

I rate it 4 stars.

 The Space Between Us by KARFAGEN album cover Studio Album, 2007
3.19 | 84 ratings

The Space Between Us
Karfagen Symphonic Prog

Review by octopus-4
Special Collaborator RIO/Avant/Zeuhl,Neo & Post/Math Teams

3 stars I haven't heard the Karfagen's debut yet, and reading the reviews to this album, it seems that it failed to raise the same enthusiasm of the first. I've seen comments about the strong newage flavor that it has, and the influence from CAMEL and ALAN PARSONS PROJECT.

What I have heard, instead, is a touch of PAT METHENY GROUP in the most jazzy parts, in the vain of "Still Life Talking".

Lot of clean guitar, contaminated sometimes by George Katunin's flutes which add a bit of classical mood. Honestly, I can't hear any CAMEL which I absolutely don't dislike. I enjoy the complexity of a track like "The Othe Side", containing a good piano, jazzy guitars, flute, keyboard and different themes alternating continuously. It's just a pity that it fades out instead of having a proper end (sorry for the spoiler).

Several tracks feature choirs without words, as in the mentioned Metheny's album. An exception is made by "The Dream Master" where the piano solo parts seem inspired by KEITH EMERSON, especially when there's a sort of connection to Gershwin. An applause to the pianist.

It's on "Labyrinth" that I can hear some newage. The soundscape has brought YANNI back to my mind. I've listened to a lot of newage music in the early 90s when apparently prog had faded out and if one wanted long instrumental suites, that was the main source. The Greek keyboardist Yanni was one of my favorites.

A bit of early GENESIS, or even CAMEL on the "Kingfsher and Dragonflies" and on "Mind Games". This second is mainly an intro to the following title track, featuring two electric guitars dueting with keyboards. I think nobody can say that this track is not prog. It features the Metheny like choirs again, but I wouldn't be surprised hearing a track like this in a CAMEL album, including the sea at the end kike on Harbour of Tears. Luckily few seconds, not the 15 minutes filler on the CAMEL's album.

In the end, this is an enjoyable album, far from being a masterpiece, but surely not a waste of time or money. Three solid stars from here.

 Land of Green and Gold by KARFAGEN album cover Studio Album, 2022
4.04 | 127 ratings

Land of Green and Gold
Karfagen Symphonic Prog

Review by BrufordFreak
Collaborator Heavy Prog Team

4 stars The first time Maestro Antony Kalugin has been able to work with his Karfagan collaborators in a couple years, they team up here to produce some top-level prog, mostly instrumental, and more jazz- and blues-influenced than we've heard in a while.

"Chapter 1: Land of Green" 1. "Kingfisher and Dragonflies (Part 3)" (2:11) beautiful instrumental with classical guitar and synths. Very ANTHONY PHILLIPS-like. Absolutely gorgeous melodies and themes. What a start! (5/5)

2. "Land of Green (Part 1)" (11:00) sounds/feels to me like a modernized, watered-down take on Miles Davis' Sketches from Spain--a SYNERGY, TONY BANKS, or Smooth Jazz approach to such a theme. (17/20)

3. "Land of Green (Part 2)" (3:30) instrumental jazz and blues prog. (8.75/10)

4. "Solis Festum" (1:39) Fender Rhodes play joined by others in the second half and then finishing with classical guitar and accordion-led European street feel. (4.25/5)

5. "Land of Green (Part 3)" (4:58) cheesy keys and jazz sound palate gives this one a rather dated, Adult Contemporary feel--until Alexander Pavlov's high class guitar solo in the second minute. Soprano and tenor sax solos in the third minute only add the Smooth Jazz feel. Alexander's next solo in the fifth minute brings us almost into the New Age jazz category. (8.25/10)

6. "Pastoral" (1:34) solo classical guitar. (4.25/5)

"Chapter 2: Land of Gold" 7."Garden of Hope (Part 1)" (7:49) Smooth Jazz artists like Joe Sample, Ronnie & Hubert Laws, and Najee/Kenny G come to mind as I listen to this--and then Spock's Beard as I hear the vocal section. (13/15)

8. "Land of Gold" (13:20) piano and electric guitar(s) open this one. I love the pace, the solos and sounds, the bass play, and even the vocoder. My favorite song on the album. (27/30)

9. "Garden of Hope" (Part 2) (4:31) sounds like the Devonshire Canterbury band MAGIC BUS. Like the fretless bass and peaceful, pastoral keyboard and electric guitar riffing. Nice song. (8.75/10)

Bonus tracks: Chapter 3: Land of Jazz (bonus tracks) 10. "Land of Jazz" (6:37) another venture into the proggy-fusion world of the late 70s jazz artists as listed above for the "Garden of Hope (Part 1)" song--especially Hubert Laws--with the addition of Narada Michael Walden and even some of the later RTF/Chick Corea stuff--which I loved. (9/10) 11. Land of Jazz (outro) (0:44)

Total Time 57:53

Other reviewers have mentioned a CAMEL-like sound or influence to the music here, I'm not as sold on that angle though I do hear it--I do get it--especially some of the guitar sounds chosen. There are just too many disjointed motifs present here for me to endorse that perspective. I really like the contributions of Antony's two guitarists--both with very distinctive styles--as well as his bass player. Nice work, guys!

B/solid four stars; an excellent addition to any prog lover's music collection.

 Land of Green and Gold by KARFAGEN album cover Studio Album, 2022
4.04 | 127 ratings

Land of Green and Gold
Karfagen Symphonic Prog

Review by Matti
Prog Reviewer

4 stars This new offering from the very prolific Ukrainian prog maestro Antony Kalugin has already gained a lot of praise in this site, so it's a bit surprising to note that mine will the first collaborator review. I found KARFAGEN a few years back and was especially charmed by Echoes from Within Dragon Island (2019). My fondness for Kalugin's CAMEL- influenced, melodic mellow-symph style remained very strong for the subsequent albums, considering also Karfagen's Birds of Passage and his solo album Marshmallow Moondust (both released in 2020) five-star delights. Perhaps new albums kept coming in a slightly too fast pace, those albums being also relatively similar with each other, and eventually my "honeymoon" era as a listener of Kalugin's music was gradually left behind. I felt appropriate to start my review this off-topic way, revealing my overall background as a listener, because I find it difficult to decide whether to give Land of Green and Gold five stars simply because I consider it among Antony Kalugin's finest albums, or should my slightly reduced enthusiasm amidst the fast chain of albums reflect my rating and round 4 down to four. At this very moment I frankly don't know -- so unfair that the rest of you reading this already know!

With his recent solo albums Antony Kalugin has proved very capable of performing his grand-scale symphonic prog entirely by himself. Returning now to the Karfagen camp he lets his wonderful fellow musicians play the guitars, basses, drums and reeds, concentrating on his main instrument, keyboards. Surely for example guitar solos are more gorgeous because of that collaboration. Antony does the few vocal parts here as well; I would have enjoyed some female vocals thrown in too, but that's not a big deal because this is an instrumentally oriented album. As for the instrumentation, there are saxophones much more than flute, whereas I personally would have preferred it to be the other way round. Also I'm not very fond of accordion in general, although its appearance on two tracks is a fine addition to the sonic palette.

I won't go through the tracks in detail since there are as many as eleven of them, as opposed to several recent albums consisting mainly of two epics. That's actually a positive thing here, and it doesn't prevent the album structure to feel very symphonic. The overall mood is happily dreamy, rather mellow and relaxed despite the child- like adventurous spirit. Some parts are pastoral in a lovely way. 'Pastoral' is a 1-minute piece for acoustic guitar that may make one think of ANTHONY PHILLIPS. The two 'Garden of Hope' pieces featuring vocals are sandwiching the 13-minute album highlight 'Land of Gold' (thus forming Chapter 2 : Land of Gold). One reason for it being a highlight is the flute -- which unfortunately doesn't appear elsewhere on the album. But sadly the use of vocoder is a minus in this otherwise wonderful piece. A strong Camel vibe is heard in the soaring melodies.

Chapter 3 : Land of Jazz is marked as a bonus. Not surprisingly the flexible jazz/ fusion element often present on Kalugin's compositions is given here more space, and the tenor sax of Sergii Kovalov has a central role. The separate 44-second Outro is very delicate in mood. Now, after writing this review I am better equipped to decide on my rating. As I said, I'd like to give the same full rating as to three other albums, but let's be honest, that was then and this is now. By just a few things more up to my preferences (more flute, some female voice accompanying Antony's, and not that irritating vocoder) I'd give the five stars! In short, a wonderful and highly pleasant album for all fans of Antony Kalugin, and a perfect place to get into his melodic and easy-on-the-ears symphonic and fusion-flavored prog in the vein of CAMEL, FOCUS, HAPPY THE MAN and WILLOWGLASS if you're not yet familiar with it.

 Land of Green and Gold by KARFAGEN album cover Studio Album, 2022
4.04 | 127 ratings

Land of Green and Gold
Karfagen Symphonic Prog

Review by GarfunkelSi

5 stars So, a new album has been released by Antony Kalugin and his project Karfagen at the very beginning of 2022. Listening or reviewing his albums always takes a while because of a huge quantity of different ideas, movements and themes that develop in a short time. Usually for Antony, he released a great piece of coherent music. Every song is full of great solo, beautiful transitions and delightful chords. Speaking of the album in general one should notice the strict development of the same trend in Antony's music - from symphonic rock to jazz rock and now "rather jazz than rock". Indeed, the majority of what happens in the "Land of Green and Gold" reminds of keyboard-oriented jazz, i.e. Lyle Mays or Pet Metheny Group in general. A lot of saxophone also contributes to this impression. Such a tendency will be great news for those Karfagen fans that wait for the pieces of jazz and jazz-rock music and especially for those who enjoyed recent solo trilogy from Kalugin. However, the same trend also expands the distance between classic Karfagen albums like Magical Mystery Theater or more recent Echoes from within Dragon Islands. So your personal score of the album mostly depends whether you like the transition of Karfagen into more jazz-oriented sound or not. Though I consider this album as a perfect one and am passionate to congratulate Antony with the release, I also can't wait to hear new Sunchind or maybe even see some old staff live as soon as it will be possible. It is obvious from the new album, that these classic pieces of Antony's music are not forgotten, both from the names, lyrics and sound of the compositions of the "Land of Green and Gold". Kingfisher and Dragonflies pt. 3 refers to the first parts from "The key to perception" and "Solitary Sandpiper Journey" rather by its intermediate function than by the sound. The song, however, refers to the Karfagen and Sunchild staff from early 2010s. The next album is divided into a four [rather themes than] songs that are divided into pieces. "Land of Green" is the most intensive and dynamic of the whole album, is includes the main theme of the album (which variations are presented almost in every song), a great saxophone solo and a piece of slightly anxious drums-and-keys oriented part that finishes with a set of dynamic transition. The second part of the song includes a well-composed and confident guitar solo (many thanks to Alexander Pavlov for that one) and calmly leads to the second intermediate part - "Solis festrum". This small composition contains a number of short movements that are intended to balance the album and bring a piece of fresh apart from "Land of Green". The latter returns, however, in a "sparkling" and bright way, finalizing the themes that were announced in the first parts of the song. The second part, "Land of Gold" follows the transitional composition called "Pastoral" (which name perfectly reflects the music inside). The first song of this part, "Garden of Hope" is the only album composition, accompanied by the lyrics. Its structure somehow refers to the "Last Horizon" from Hoggwash. The themes of the lines are doing it as well. This is the most symphonic part of the album - it is calm and nice and introduces something between "Land of Green" general sound and a mood of "Echoes from within Dragon Island" (which is good news for me). The "Land of Gold" itself is much more confident and sometimes solemn than the first half of the album. It does not really contain any kind of anxious music and not problematizes any kind of emotional strike (once again, this corresponds to the general jazzy mood of the album, though I miss the emotional dynamics of early Karfagen and Sunchild albums). And once again, the music introduces a great piece of jazz-oriented music. Finally, the bonus track "Land of Jazz" reminds us the genre features of the album once again. Indeed, it combines the average mood of "The Land of Green and Gold" with even more typical jazz sound and once more - perfect saxophone solo, presented by Yan Vedaman. In one word, the album should be in your mind if you search for a bright jazz-rock and jazz-oriented music or is you are a fan of Karfagen's music. But if not, I suggest listening to it anyway - the composer's talent of Antony Kalugin produced a great album once again.
 Land of Green and Gold by KARFAGEN album cover Studio Album, 2022
4.04 | 127 ratings

Land of Green and Gold
Karfagen Symphonic Prog

Review by Yeshead58

5 stars What a fantastic way to start a new year - a new album by one of my favourite bands! With all that's happening in the world at the moment it is so refreshing to hear some beautiful music! Karfagen have released some amazing music the last few years and Land Of Green And Gold is no exception. Quite simply - progressive perfection!

Track 1 starts off with some very laid back guitar work accompanied by flute, and I can imagine myself relaxing in the bath with this music! Then track 2 sees the band come alive but with some interesting sound effects going on in the background. Birds chirping, then a bluesy solo by guitarist Alexandr Pavlov, then a wonderful dreamy synth melody by Antony Kalugin. Then the pace changes and now its time to start jigging in your seat as we are now treated to some robust drumming by Ivan Goritski. Now come the sounds I mentioned earlier with what sounds like an aeroplane passing overhead. Is that a marimba I hear? Or vibes maybe? Some saxes in there too.

Track 3 is pure jazz! Beautiful guitar by Alexandr, and some accordion by Sergii Kovalov, then suddenly Alexandr finds the volume knob and lets rip with solo that is full of soul. Then finishes on a quiet jazz note. Track 4 sees the return of classical guitar with accordion. Short but sweet!

Track 5 and now we are getting funky and my hips are swinging! Oh yes, now I'm gyrating as this riff has really got hold of me and now another great solo from Alexandr! Some smooth sax playing too by Yan Vedaman. Now some more synth magic from the wizard Antony! Brilliant!

Track 6 has another classical guitar piece played alone and is just beautiful. Track 7 is more jazz with vocals by Antony, with the pace picking up momentum. Great track!! Track 8 has Max Velychko on guitar with Antony using a vocoder and we are going up tempo with this track. Some wah-wah on the guitar as well!

Track 9 is chill out time with subtle bass playing by Konstantin Ionenko. Then comes 2 bonus tracks: Land Of Jazz !&2 I imagine being in a cocktail bar listening to this piece. Bit heavy on the sax but doesn't overdo it. Then Max jumps in with another fine guitar solo. Then we're treated to some very jazzy keys! Final track is a very short piece on piano and sax.

So my personal opinion of this album is - Amazing piece of the best Prog Rock I've heard for a long time! I thoroughly recommend this CD to have in your collection and now we must wait for world events to improve so we can get to see this awesome band play live on tour!! Great album Karfagen!!

 Land of Green and Gold by KARFAGEN album cover Studio Album, 2022
4.04 | 127 ratings

Land of Green and Gold
Karfagen Symphonic Prog

Review by Drmick1971

5 stars It has been 2 years since the last Karfagen album. Even though we have been fully entertained by Antony Kalugin's 3 solo albums, it is fantastic to see his new album under the Karfagen banner again. It is called The Land of Green and Gold. This time Antony has split the album into 3 chapters. The first chapter contains the first 6 tracks under the title The Land of Green. Of course the cover as always are eye catching and this one is beautifully coloured.

1. Kingfisher and Dragonflies: The first track running for just over two minutes starts with a bright acoustic guitar and synth joining in, then bursting into symphonic pleasantness ending back to that lovely acoustic guitar.

2. Land of Green Part 1: The first long track opens with a feel of mystery. You can feel the Land of Green, the bright sun and the chirping insects. A lovely calmness envelops with Antony's measured synths. The full symphonic sound is soon engaged with the intertwining mix of synth and guitar we are all familiar with. We get interesting drum rhythms interspersed with more light synth and delightful bass lines. This culminates in musicians showcasing their talent and finally winding down back to calmness. 3. Land of Green Part 2: Moving straight into Part 2 we hear our first main piece of jazz played smoothly on guitar by Alexandr Pavlov. This transitions to uplifting rock guitar. Genres crossed but merged fluidly.

4. Solis Festum: A short track with a mixture of synths with more acoustic guitar and accordion. A true blend for such a short piece.

5. Land of Green Part 3: Beginning with a sparkling, almost disco sound and hints of Big Band highlights this track. Containing intricate soloing from Yan Vedaman's sax and Antony's keyboards which brings us to a fitting climax.

6. Pastoral: The final track for the first chapter finishes with the already established theme of acoustic guitar expertly played by Alexandr.

7. Garden of Hope Part 1: The first track for chapter 2 called 'Land of Gold'. This opens with xylophone like synth and short sharp guitar notes engaging us with a new mystery of gold. More sax enters half way through and now we hear our first song with Antony lending his vocals.

8. Land of Gold: This is the longest track running at 13 minutes and 20 seconds. This opens with piano and searching synths. Approaching a solid rock sound and hearing the golden tones of the flute played by the talented and expressive Elena Kushchii. Background vocals filter in bringing an uplifting emotion shaping into full symphonic mode bringing with it a sense of wonder.

9. Garden of Hope Part 2: Final track to finish chapter 2. Antony continues his song of 'hope' with soft music and a step towards completion.

10. Land of Jazz (Bonus Track): The title speaks for itself. Starting with soft saxophone then maneuvering to a faster time signature implementing to a familiar rock background. With guitar played nimbly by Max Velychko and wonderful jazz bass playing by Konstantin Ionenko, we travel to the final track.

11. Land of Jazz (Outro) This exits the album in 44 seconds of saxophone, bass and cymbals.

This new chapter of Karfagen brings the familiar and the new. As always, every Karfagen album differs from each other and yet it sounds truly Karfagen. Take this music to a patch of green and let your ears hear the sound of gold. It comes with the miraculous melody and passion that only Antony Kalugin can create. Which land do you prefer? The Green or the Gold? I have two feet, and I will place a foot in each land. Enjoy more Karfagen magic with this wonderous album.

 Land of Green and Gold by KARFAGEN album cover Studio Album, 2022
4.04 | 127 ratings

Land of Green and Gold
Karfagen Symphonic Prog

Review by JohnProg

3 stars Antony Kalugin has released another studio album which, as often happens with other artists who release new releases very often, has led to an unfortunate - at least for me - tendency to repeat itself. If we review his discography both in his solo project and in his band Karfagen, we realize that he has released about eight albums in the last four years. This incredible musical activity has been accompanied by a desire not to leave his comfort zone, in addition to the fact that his latest works no longer have the same creative force as, in my opinion, his best albums: "Echoes from Within Dragon Island" ( 2019) and "Birds of Passage" (2020).

"Land of Green and Gold" is another work that features guitar and keyboards, apparently without much creative input from the other band members, which makes this sound like another one of his solo projects. There is also the nostalgic jazz atmosphere that we are used to and the influences of bands like "Camel" and "The Flower Kings". Perhaps the real problem is that the album lacks memorable moments (there are some good moments on tracks 2 and 7, but the rest is reduced to "pretty melodies") that motivate future listeners.

Perhaps in future works Antony seeks to renew his sound, or perhaps he will continue releasing the same album year after year. The truth is that every time I find his music less interesting.

 Land of Green and Gold by KARFAGEN album cover Studio Album, 2022
4.04 | 127 ratings

Land of Green and Gold
Karfagen Symphonic Prog

Review by Trinity S

5 stars Bright, fresh and New. As a big fan of Anton's music and knowing almost all his discography, I was really surprised and delighted by his latest release. "Land of Green and Gold" takes us to the territories of Jazz and very tasty fusion. Of course it has all Karfagen trademarks but this time Anton and his band members delivered even more "Gold" to the listener!) Music and arrangements are not overwhelming, it's so light and breathing. Sometimes (or most of the time) it reminds me sound of the late 70s prog- fusion artists. UK, Finch, weather report! As a main part of prog people, I'm not a fan of a saxophone, but in this particular album it's like a cherry on the top of the cake. Juicy and without any artificial sugar!)) Just amazing to discover "land of Jazz" at the end of the album, with it charming atmosphere- melodies, vocoder and fab sax solos... Musicianship and the production are fabulous as always! Special thank You to Igor Sokolskiy who just compliments Anton's musical soundscapes! Well done - solid work of art!
Thanks to chopper for the artist addition. and to projeKct for the last updates

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